Vspot Multifunctional Spray Cleaner

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Dust removal, dust removal, including insects, sludge, light asphalt, salt water, branches, fingerprints, soot, plastic volatiles, etc.
This product is a high performance cleaner.
Mix it directly with clean water and add it to the wiper kettle.
It is very convenient to use and can easily remove glass film and insect marks.
This product has a lubricating effect on the surface of the wiper rubber, has anti-aging function, maintains flexibility and prolongs its service life.
This product is suitable for daily cleaning and care of all kinds of imported and domestic high-end cars. Small size and easy to carry.
High performance is recommended, 2 litres of particles equals average water wiper
Main ingredients: sodium bicarbonate citrate surfactant decontamination active enzyme polymer lubricant.
Function: Clean and decontaminate, reduce friction between wiper and glass, and protect it.
After disbanding, don't expect it to be exactly the same as the video. Give it some time to soak. The purpose of each scene is different.
Metal grease should be used with hard cleaning products
The main purpose shown is to clean glass without anti-fog function.

Instructions for use:
1. This product is suitable for above zero degrees Celsius.
2. Open the hood of the car, find the wiper box, fill the tank with water, and add a wiper (if the glass is too dirty, it is recommended to add 2 pieces)
3. Wait 10 minutes, completely dissolved and normal use. A piece of conventional water can be replaced better with 2L of water. Depending on the normal volume of the liquid tank, it is a piece of water that can replace and transcend traditional glass water!

Note: This product is best for glass. It is recommended to add 2L of water to both tablets. It has no obvious effect elsewhere. It removes general oil stains but has no effect on deep stubborn stains!

do not eat!

Car Cleaner Compact Glass Washer Detergent Effervescent Tablets

Package Included:
10 x concentrated wiper
1 x Bottle