Adlens Dial Vision

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Adjustable Glasses Unisex Dial Vision Lens

Get an instant 20/20 vision without going for an eye checkup with the Adjustable Glasses Unisex Dial Vision Lens. You can now achieve the clear vision and focus without any prescription with this glasses. Using the dial on the side of the glasses, you can adjust its focus to your comfortability.

How It Works

Unlike your usual glasses which only allows you o see in a definite distance, these adjustable glasses are not like that. It enables you to adjust the lend so you can zoom the distance and see clearly. This is NOT a replacement for your prescription glasses, but just an aid for reading in a more focus way. You can adjust its use from distance glasses to reading glasses! A great help for people with near and farsightedness. But remember, do not use this glasses for driving! These are only designed for reading and doing crafts. Rotate the dial on the side to adjust the glasses from viewing from near or afar.

Smart and Durable Design

The lens is made of durable acrylic materials. You can see that the lens is made of layers which are adjustable left to right. It has a dial on the side of the glasses so you can adjust to your needs depending if you want to see what is in the distance or what is near you. The design is both suitable for men and women. Very lightweight and comfortable when worn. Will not leave any marks in the nose bridge.